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English Language and Literature, one of the earliest programs at Sichuan University, was first taught in 1896 when the Sichuan Chinese and Western School was founded. During the past 120 years, a large number of eminent scholars and prominent cultural figures have taught or studied in the English Department. These figures include Ba Jin, the famous 20th century Chinese writer, Zhu Guangqian, the literary critic, Bian Zhilin, the translator, and many others. They have fostered an excellent academic tradition and laid a solid foundation for English instruction.


In 1978, the English Department was approved (by the State Council Academic Degree Commission) to offer master's degrees in English Language and Literature, thereby hosting one of China’s earliest postgraduate programs, and the first postgraduate program in Southwest China. In 2003, the department was granted the right to offer a doctoral program in English Language and Literature, again the first of its kind in Western China. In 2010, Foreign Language and Literature became the first field authorized to confer doctorate degrees. At present, the English Department enrolls doctorate candidates in two sub-disciplines, English Language & Literature and Foreign Linguistics & Applied Linguistics, that together cover a wide range of research orientations that include Western Literary Criticism, British and American Literature, Western Culture Studies, Translation Studies and English Linguistics. 


The English Department also offers master’s programs in all of the aforementioned sub-disciplines as well as the Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI) programs. As for its undergraduate program, the department enrolls students with both arts and science backgrounds, who can, after having achieved English proficiency, go on to focus in any of the sub-areas of English Literature, English Culture, English Linguistics or English-Chinese Translation. The department also offers courses to non-English majors who are willing to choose English Language and Literature as their second undergraduate program. In light of its continuous efforts throughout its long history, the department has been fruitful in promoting academic discipline, cultivating professional talent and building a strong faculty. Today, Sichuan Province recognizes Foreign Language and Literature as a key academic discipline, while greater China acknowledges English Language and Literature as a national level priority. The department now has forty full-time teachers, including twelve professors and twenty-three associate professors. 

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